about us

“It’s a pity one cannot stroke wine.”
(Kurt Tucholsky)

The fertility of the earth, the colour of the grapes during harvest time, a glass of wine by the open fire, … It was not this romantic imagination of living in nature that made us switch from our art to making wine. In reality, it was not really a switch but an extension of our creativity. In our hearts, in our souls, we both remain artists, our sculptures, paintings and design objects can be found everywhere in and around the house.
We both studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice and after we finished our studies, we felt in love with this piece of land near Barbana. A German from Löwenstein in Baden-Württemberg and a Slovene from Kobarid at the foot of the Julian Alpes, stranded in the wine region of Goriška Brda.
Right from the beginning, this “project Brda” was a continuation of our journey that we have started together.
Artistic creations happen in a process which comes from the inside. It is a process that requires a lot of concentration, concentration on you, on your sensibility, on the happenings around you. It is a path of loneliness.
The work with the nature requires the same concentration, but the nature exists by itself. The nature can’t be created, it wants to be discovered, encouraged and admired and this is hard work, a long way.The glass of wine is like an art object, created in a long proceeding, from planning to exposing in an art gallery.
In creating wine, the creative melancholy is less present, you have to be more pragmatic. The glass of wine, in our case, is a process of maturation, the grape an event of joy, the earth the connecting element. Nothing is abstract, everything is concrete, the rain, the heat, the hail, the frost, the aching back at the end of the day.
The glass of wine in our hands… It is more than a recompense; it is a little miracle that wants to be discovered. It is a piece of art that humans created for the joy of the spirit and the body.
We are artists making wine, with a lot of love, dedication and tenacity.
Come and visit us! We would enjoy the opportunity to present you the products we created.

DRAWINGS Miriam Pertegato